Over the years, starting with smaler projects and their realization,the company was growing and it was gaining the necessary experience for this type of work. Through the projects,which  over the time became more complex and became bigger, we payed a lot of attention to educating and keeping our staff that worked on these prejects.

Today,we are one of the top competitive companies in civil engineering in  Semberija. Behind us, there is a huge number of projects in civil engineering,and what is even more important, a lot of experience.

With pride we can say that our company has managed to fulfill a full working cycle in the field of civil engeneering. In other words,all of the work, from designing a desired object (after the client’s wish) till the beginning of it’s construction,is being done inside our company.

Today our company deals with different types of work in civil engineering such as constructing and building roads,bridges,parters etc.



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