At the beginning of developing this activity our company worked on some projects in Croatia and Serbia.With the beginning of bigger projects on the infrastructure of Semberija,our company gets involved more seriously into this type on construction. 

At fist we stared with small projects,but we can say that we caught a full swing with this type of work when the realization of the sewage system  of Bijeljina had started,when we had a role of a subcontractor,but with our effort and quality in constructing and especially with our good prices, we became the main contractor of this project.

Beside water supply and sewerage in Bijeljina, we have also realized some major projects in Zvornik and Vukosavlje.

Of course that we don’t plan on stopping here,we are waiting ready for new challenges and projects from hydraulic constrauction.

Same as the previous two construction areas on our web site,also in this one we provide services of constraucting and designing a certain project.



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