The project office of “Buk Promet” offers technical solutions with quality in designing objects in building and hydraulic construction and also in civil engeneering. Also we provide services in supervisory construction,consulting about project solutions as well as technical control of the project documentation (revisio).

“Buk Promet” is one of a few that has managed to gather licensed experts for al the phases of technical documentation,and with no external associate.

We provide design services for adaptation and upgradation of  interiors,business facilities,residential business facilities,residential facilities,public buildings,economic and agricultural objects,as well as  3D visualizations.


  • Conceptual design
  • Major project
  • Implementation project
  • Derived state project
  • Exterior design
  • Interior design
  • Furniture design
  • 3D perspective visualization of the exterior and interior
  • Consulting


Some of the important projects realized by “Buk Promet”:

  1. production steel hall,in Bijeljina - investor a.d. “Elvaco ” Bijeljina
  2. production steel hall,in Janja – d.o.o. “BMD” Janja
  3. multi-storey residential building in Ivo Andric street (Intergaj estate) in Bijeljina – investor d.o.o. “Buk Promet” Bijeljina
  4. multi-storey residential-business building in Majevicka street in Bijeljina – investor d.o.o. “Agrotehnika” Bijeljina
  5. multi-storey residential-business buildings (lamella 1 and lamella 2) in Dusana Baranjina street- investor d.o.o. “Buk Promet” Bijeljina
  6. business hall in Industrial zone 3 in Bijeljina – investor d.o.o. “Hy Power Flexomatic” Bijeljina
  7. sports hall in Dvorovi – investor administrative service of the municipality Bijeljina
  8. city boiler room in Bijeljina – investor J.P. “Gradksa Toplana” Bijeljina
  9. automatic car wash in Bijeljina – investor d.o.o. “LD” Bijeljina
  10. multi-storey residential-business building in Neznanih Junaka streer in Bijeljina (2 lamellas)
  11. ”Nis Petrol” totems in Serbia – investor d.o.o. “Signum” Bijeljina
  12. apartment buildings in Amajlije
  13. editing projects of the CIPS’s offices in Bijeljina,Ugljevik,Lopare,Bratunac,Milici,Srebrenica,Sekovici and Vlasenica
  14. a farm in Donji Magnojevic – investor Petric Slobodan.

As well as many other projects for smaller objects (family houses,weekend cottages,eaves,farms,smaller apartment buildings etc.), and set of ideas for multi-storey residential-business buildings.

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