SOLD Apartment 1

Apartment 1

The building is being built according to the latest standards, with a thermal block in combination with thermal insulation in accordance with the rulebook on energy efficiency, which has the ultimate goal of saving energy and more comfortable and quality housing.
The final cladding of the facade is a combination of facade paint, stone and wood. The combination of different materials on the facade and emphasizing the elements taken from tradition (wooden beams, wooden frames around the windows, stone) created an unbreakable connection between modern and traditional, which is clearly reflected in the building, which as such merges with nature and environment.

The building is covered with quality tiles.

Heating and cooling is on electricity

The exterior joinery is made of high quality PVC profiles (color-anthracite on the outside, white on the inside) glazed with double-glazed glass filled with argon.

The interior carpentry consists of doors of modern design - solid wood frame, oak veneer filling of high quality.

Fences on the terraces are wrought, modern design with a handle in the decor of wood.

The floors of the apartments are covered with class I ceramics.

The floors in the common areas are covered with class I ceramics.

The floors and walls in the bathrooms are covered with class I ceramics.

Class I toilets, built-in cistern, cantilever toilets, glass walls without tubs that limit the shower space.


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