The building is adorned with its south-east side for an object located on a neighboring plot. In the basement of the building there is a parking garage, and on the plateau, in the southeastern part of the plot there is an open parking lot, with a total of 5 parking spaces. 

In the north-western part, a garage ramp is planned, with a fall of 14%. Green areas are predicted in smaller segments, in the space left after parking planning.

On the ground floor of the building there are two business premises, and the other floors are exclusively residential. The roof is dual, with hollows on the southeast and northwest side of the building, the roof covering is a flat galvanized sheet.

The heating of the building is envisaged by a single system, via plate radiators and traditionally, via chimney channels, as an alternative.

The building has an intercom, entrance with security door equipped with an electric lock.

The outer joinery is on the ground floor, while the carpentry on the other floors is made of pvc profile, glazed with three-layer glass.

The entrance door to the apartments is security, anti-burglary.

Interior joinery is of modern design, from good quality food. The fences on the terraces are reduced lines, a combination of laminated tempered glass in aluminum frames. F

loors in common areas (corridors and stairs) are of granite stone, anti-slip and wear-resistant. The floors in the apartments are covered with oak parquet I class, while the bathrooms and kitchens are covered with ceramic tiles of modern design.

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