- City administration of Bijeljina and Mayor Mićić have a clear vision of development, which is for every praise, as well as the partnership between the City of Bijeljina and USAID. Our Agency supports economic development throughout BiH and we have noticed that the two main disadvantages for a faster development are the lack of infrastructure and a poor business environment. It is therefore a pleasure to see that both obstacles in Bijeljina have been eliminated. Also, the financial procedures of the City of Bijeljina are transparent and this was one of the reasons why we entered the partnership on this project - it was clear Beagle. The share of Ju-E-Eda in the construction of the roads in the Business-industrial zone 2 refers to the construction of 800 meters of road, and the donation value is 350,000 convertible marks. Mayor of Bijeljina Mićo Mićić also stressed the need to meet stringent conditions for obtaining a grant, including environmental permit. In addition to the infrastructure necessary for the operation of the company in the Zone, all facilities will be connected to a faecal sewerage system. - Of the 52 plots we had at our disposal, 50 were sold, and one is in the process of sale. A dozen companies have already begun construction activities, and everybody is obliged to obtain a building permit within two years from the purchase of salaries. Our main goal is not revenue from land sales, but new jobs. It is a realistic expectation that, after the Business-Industrial Zone 2 is fully operational, the job is given to about 1,000 workers - said Mayor Mićić.

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