Multipurpose residential building in Bijeljina - JERMENSKA

Multipurpose residential building in Bijeljina - JERMENSKA

DOO "BUK PROMET" starts construction of a new multi-storey residential building on the corner of Ivan Mažuranić and Jermenski streets.


Special attention is paid to heat and sound isolation - the object is designed in accordance with the Energy Efficiency Rulebook, which for the ultimate goal has energy savings and a more comfortable and better quality apartment.

The exterior walls of the building are anticipated with stone wool thermal insulation (d = 12cm). The facade of the building is ventilated with a final coating of facade ceramics in the wood decoration, on the aluminum substructure.

Heating and cooling of the building is solved by the water-water heat pumps which, besides using renewable resources and not polluting the environment, also save energy.
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