Construction of Multi-residential and business building begins in Bijeljina, in
Račanska Street.
The building will have basement and five floors.

In the basement of the building there is a parking garage (each apartment
has a garage), and there is also an open parking lot on the plot.
The apartments are of different structures and the size of 33-70m2.
This multi-storey residential-business building is being built in Račanska street, nearby
the center of the city, the broken shape of the base so that the polutriumas are formed within the plot greenery and seating areas.
Within the plot are designed green areas with high and low plant as well green and flower gardeners in order to provide users with the best possible use of the outside
The building is built according to the latest standards, block in combination with thermal insulation in line with the Energy Efficiency Policy, which for the ultimate goal has energy savings and more comfortable and better quality housing.
The final covering of the facade is a combination of facade white and facade panels of different colors-blue, yellow and red. In this way, the dynamics on the façade were created, contrasting materials were placed, and a the facade itself will bring life into the existing street where the individual objects of the elderly prevail date of construction.
The roof is pieces, multi-annual, the blanket is flat-plated sheet.
Heating and cooling of the building is solved by the water-water heat pumps which, besides,
use renewable resources and do not pollute the environment, they also save energy.
In all rooms, heating and cooling is provided with parapet fan coil devices.
The building has an intercom-security door equipped with an electric lock.
Exterior joinery is made of high quality pvc profile, glazed with thermopan glass filled
argon with aluminum shutters.
The entrance doors to the apartments are security, anti-burglary and fire class I.
Interior carpentry is of modern design, frame of solid wood, painted with water based eco colors
The fence on the terraces is a reduced line, a combination of a masonry parapet with handrails.
Floors in common areas (corridors and stairs) are made of granite stone, anti-slip
and resistant to wear.
The floors in the apartments are covered with modern laminate flooring, and in sanitary rooms with ceramics A class, modern design.

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